What we do

What we do?

At Black Earth we strive to protect and improve crop yields by providing independent services and advice that suit a growers requirements in the current business environment.

Irrigation Scheduling

Black Earth can monitor soil moisture levels in your soils with our Neutron Probe providing stratified moisture levels at a range of depths.

Crop Scouting

Black Earth Agronomy offers comprehensive crop scouting with surveys of crops performed up to two to three times per week. We understand that field conditions can change rapidly within a short space of time and so maintain flexible field scouting schedules to match those conditions.

Weed Management

We will regularly visit your field to determine the weed types present, their distribution and the best course of action to maximise yield while minimising the weed's seed bank.

Gross Margin Analysis

We can provide a detailed picture of the costs and potential income for a range of different crops so you can make informed decisions for the upcoming season..


Black Earth was originally created as Black Earth Cotton Company in 1983 to provide agronomy services to the burgeoning cotton industry on the Darling Downs. Since that time, the company has expanded to new regions including Bowen and the Burdekin and advises on a variety of different crops.

Wealth of Experience

Black Earth Agronomy has been in operation as an independent agronomy service on the Darling Downs for over 30 years and over 10 years in Bowen and the Burdekin.

Our team

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